House Rules & General Information

Rules & Requirements for All Members

  • Have Discord and working microphone with good sound quality
  • Greet people appropriately upon entering a channel (stalkers are weird)
  • Move yourself to the AFK channel if you are going AFK for more than 10 minutes
  • Accept battletag requests from officers and leaders
  • Read the Guild Message of the Day, keep up with Discord, Website, & Know the House Rules
  • Always ask questions, we are here to work together as a team
  • If you are interested in raiding and not on calendar contact Kalena
  • Feel free to create a calendar event for anything you are doing in the game so other members can sign up
  • Contribute to the guild, be nice and helpful to others :)

Rules & Requirements for All Raiders (Core & Sub)

  • Min 890 item level with appropriate dps/hps
  • Keep up with Daily World Quests, Class Halls, Mythics etc. in order to maximize Artifact Power
  • Mark your status for raids on the in-game calendar at least a week in advance (attendees and absentees will be noted) If you repeatedly do not mark your status on the calendar, you will be removed from the raid invites. You will have to speak to Kalena to be added back on.
  • Required Addons that must be updated before each raid night: Deadly Boss Mods, VEM for DBM, Angry Assignments, Exorsus Raid Tools, Ask Mr. Robot, Decursive (for dispel classes), WeakAuras 2, Skada, Discord
  • Be on time
  • Get on Discord immediately after accepting your invite so you can be listening to what the plans are
  • Please don't ask what the plans are for raid till after invites have gone out
  • Know your class, you are responsible to keep up to date on all class changes and how to play your class optimally
  • Know what gear is best for you and how to use gearing sites (i.e. and class forums. You should know what your BIS (2nd, 3rd etc.) items are.
  • Come to Raid with 100% durability
  • If you need to go afk, whisper the raid leader and wait for their response. We like to give afks at the same time as a group.
  • Proficient in all specs (it may be needed in a specific raid encounter)
  • Best Legion enchants are required on all gear 865 item level and above. These are provided by Kalena, so just ask :)
  • 150 stat gems and one epic 200 stat gem are required on all gear 865 item level and above
  • Minimum of 5 Flasks, 40 Food (375 stat), 40 Potions, 40 Ancient Healing Potions per Raid Night (these all refer to the best flasks, food and potions for your specs)
  • Pre-pot each fight
  • Know all raid encounters in their entirety as well as your specific role in them by reading guides and watching videos
  • Able to give constructive feedback to your raid team based on your research and knowledge of the encounters
  • Have gold for all of your raid needs. 
  • Stock up on Defiled Augment Runes (increases main stat by 325 for an hour) via Class Hall Missions, LFR, LFG Satchels
  • You may be asked to sit out of a raid if your performance is lacking or the encounter requires a specific raid makeup
  • Don't get loot locked to any bosses or raids till after core raid nights
  • Loot Rules (see below)

Core Raiders (able to make all raid nights and perform up to the standards currently needed for raid)

  • If you are not able to attend a raid, please send an in-game mail to Kalena explaining your absence and when you can be expected back. If you are late to a raid, you are expected to be on standby on Discord and near the instance if needed.
  • Repairs will be enabled for progression content as the guild bank funds allow
  • Enchants will be provided by Kalena.

Substitute (Sub) Raiders (either not able to make all raid nights and/or not performing up to the standards currently needed for raid)

  • Sub Raiders will be accepted into raids based on the current needs of the raid group and/or if raid makeup allows
  • If you want to work your way up to being a Core Raider, please let Kalena know. You are required to sign up and be available for the duration of all Core Raid Nights. If not invited to raid, you still need to be on Discord listening to raid strategies while using the raid time to improve your performance. Attendance, improved performance, following of the rules and attitude will be recorded and taken into consideration for achieving Core Raider status.


No DKP. We use a Loot Council to determine who gets what based on the best interest of the Raid.

That means using the gear for killing the next progression boss. The main goal of all loot is to down progression content. Loot is a tool, not a reward.

We also take the following criteria into consideration: 

  • Core vs. Substitute Raider
  • Performance
  • Attendance
  • Preparedness
  • Attitude
  • Following the House Rules & Requirements

If a piece of loot is linked in raid warning that you are interested in for your main spec, please  type "Main" (not best in slot) or "Main BIS" in raid chat after the item is linked in raid warning. You are responsible for knowing your BIS items (which is crazy this expansion given titanforge). If you would like the loot for your off spec, type “Off” in raid chat after the item is linked in raid warning. If you would like the loot for transmog, type "Mog" in raid chat after the item is linked in raid warning and be prepared to trade a chaos crystal in exchange for the item. If you currently have a piece of loot such as a tier piece and would like to have another to try to get warforged or socketed, then type "Rng" (letting us know you want to try for warforged or socketed) or "Super Rng" (letting us know you have a warforged or socket already and just looking for the one missing).

Mounts, pets, illusions, unique items will be given out to guild/raid leaders/officers first if criteria is met as well as those that are collectors of these items.

If you have any questions, contact Kalena in-game via battletag. Kalena#1174